PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering Department of University Sains Malaysia (USM) developing a new entropy stable residual distribution method. An in-house code is written to test and compare the new method to the classic residual distribution and finite volume methods in linear and nonlinear scalar and Euler equations.

Master degree in Mechanical Engineering Department of Tehran University (2007 - 2010). MS thesis is under supervision of Professor V. Esfahanian and Professor A. Nejat. The thesis is about Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) to simulate transition flow by adding TS waves to the inlet boundary, over a flat plate; and also DNS around an airfoil. (GPA 3.55/4.0)

Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering Department of Shiraz University (1998 - 2003). BS thesis was under supervision of Professor F. Daneshmand. In the BS thesis, Combustion Equations has solved and optimized with Genetic Algorithm method. (GPA 2.67/4.0)

Pre-university: Borhan Institude (1998). (GPA 4.0/4.0)

High school diploma: Shahid Amoo'ian (1994 - 1997). (GPA 4.0/4.0)


Developments of Entropy-Stable Residual Distribution Methods for Conservation Laws I: Scalar Problems

F Ismail, H Chizari

Journal of Computational Physics (JCP) - 2017

A Grid-Insensitive LDA Method on Triangular Grids Solving the System of Euler Equations

H Chizari, F Ismail

Journal of Scientific Computing - 2017

Accuracy Variations in Residual Distribution and Finite Volume Methods on Triangular Grids

H Chizari, F Ismail
Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society - 2015

An Efficient Global Memory Based Cyclic Reduction Solver for Simulating Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations

Vahid Esfahanian, Behzad Baghapour, Muhammad Torabzadeh, Hossein Chizari

Computers & Fluids - 2012

On the use of homotopy analysis method for magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flows of viscoelastic fluids in converging channels

N. Mortazavi, H. Chizari

2009 ISME, Tehran, Iran.

A new approach for modeling fluidized bed by CFD-DEM

S. Karimi, H. Chizari, N. Mostoufi, R. Sotudeh

10th international conference on "Circulating Fluidized Bed and Fluidization Technolgy", 2011, Sunriver Resort, Oregon, USA.

Implementation of non-reflecting boundary conditions at solid boundary in direct numerical simulation over an airfoil

H. Chizari, V. Esfahanian, A. Nejat

2010, 13th Annual & 2nd International Fluid Dynamics Conference, Shiraz, Iran.

Scientific Experience

Entropy Stable Method Developement

Direct Numerical Simulation

Compact High Order Finite Difference

Implicit High Order Filtering For DNS

Non Reflecting Boundary Conditions in Curvilinear Coordinates

Discrete Element Method (DEM)

Finite Volume Methods

Residual Distribution Methods

Parallel Progamming (MPI - GPU)

Fluid Dynamics: Transition, Turbulence, Two Phase Flow 

Structured and Unstructured Grid Generation

Heat Transfer

Non-Newtonian Flow

High Order Methods

Computer Abilities

Professional Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with C++

Programming with Fortran

Parallel programming and optimization with MPI and GPU

Working with office programs easily

Acquaintance with Matlab and Mathematica